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Fixed Assets Loans | Asset Finance | Business Loan for Fixed Assets | Help to Secure Asset Loan

Fixed asset loans

Fixed asset loans 750 400 Lorna Slee

A fixed business asset is something that is purchased for long term use and can include property, equipment and land – all of which are used for operational purposes to generate future income. Key facts…

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Food Manufacturing Finance | Finance for Food Manufacturing | Business Loan to Buy Food Machine

Food manufacturing finance

Food manufacturing finance 750 400 Lorna Slee

Running a food manufacturing business can be a challenge. Not only are there the day-to-day operations and staffing issues to contend with, there are also other factors such as being hit with product recalls, product…

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Commercial Property On The Rise | Commercial Mortgage Thames Valley | Commercial Mortgage Witney | Commercial Mortgage in Oxford

Commercial property on the rise

Commercial property on the rise 750 400 Lorna Slee

Despite recent turbulent times, the number of enquiries to purchase commercial property has seen a continual increase in the last few months.  Businesses that have historically rented their properties are finding landlords are wanting to…

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Total Business Finance | Business Asset Finance | Business Loans | Commercial Mortgages | Sales Invoice Finance

A total business finance solution

A total business finance solution 750 400 Lorna Slee

The field of business finance can, on occasion, feel overwhelming with people unsure which direction to turn and who to rely on. Having worked for high street lenders prior to establishing NGI, we can fully…

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Low Rates on Commercial Mortgages | Finance for Commercial Properties

Low rates on commercial mortgages

Low rates on commercial mortgages 750 400 Lorna Slee

There will come a time in every business when it makes financial sense to purchase commercial property. Yes, it takes a significant investment, but the long-term dividends will yield a strong financial foundation. With commercial…

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Scale Up Finance | Finance Solutions for Scale Up Business | Asset Finance | Business Loans Oxfordshire

Scale up finance

Scale up finance 2126 1134 Lorna Slee

The phrase ‘Scale Up’ has traditionally been associated with businesses that have moved from the start-up phase and are entering into their second or third year of trading. However, it appears that the demographics of…

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A Booming Leisure Industry | Finance for Leisure Facilities | Golf Course Finance

A Booming Leisure Industry

A Booming Leisure Industry 750 400 Lorna Slee

The leisure industry is booming! The last few years have seen an upsurge in spending on leisure experiences and it is predicted that we will be spending £141 billion in leisure industry by 2022. Perhaps…

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Why NGI | NGI Finance | Asset Finance | Business Loans | Commercial Mortgages

Why NGI?

Why NGI? 750 400 Lorna Slee

We like to think that the NGI brand is synonymous with providing a superior client experience, that is the foundation upon which we have built our business. In fact, when we ask our clients why…

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Room At The Inn | Commercial Mortgage for Hotel | Commercial Mortgage for Pub | Finance for Hospitality Sector

Room At The Inn?

Room At The Inn? 750 400 Lorna Slee

Hotels and Pubs in the UK have reason to celebrate as they reflect on 2018 to date. The decline in the number of pubs has slowed down and the market has seen steady growth. The…

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Commercial Mortgage - The Way Forward | Commercial Property | Low Interest Rates | Help with Commercial Mortgages

Commercial Mortgages – The Way Forward?

Commercial Mortgages – The Way Forward? 750 400 Lorna Slee

So, everything is going well, and you can finally class yourself as an established company. Taking a close look at your existing plans and establishing areas where savings could be made or where exciting opportunities…

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