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Merry Christmas 2021 | NGI Finance | Asset Finance Specialists Witney
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Wishing everybody a Merry Christmas

As we are fast approaching the end of the year it is time to prepare for the fun of the festivities and most importantly the opportunity to spend precious time with family and friends. Here at NGI we will be closing the office at 12pm on Friday 24th December and will re-open again at 9am…

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A Fresh Approach To Franchise Funding | Franchise Funding | Franchise Finance
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A fresh approach to franchise funding

Finding the right finance can be a real stumbling block for prospective franchisees – and a major challenge for franchisors hoping to recruit them. Without the right savings or finance package, most people can’t afford to become new franchisees, and without them, the franchised business model is going nowhere. That’s a chicken-and-egg situation we’re dedicated…

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Commercial Property Finance | Commercial Mortgage Advice | Help to Buy Commercial Property
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Commercial property finance

There are many types of commercial property finance, many types of lenders and many options to choose, all of which are determined by the specific project need. Some of the most common forms of commercial property finance are: Commercial mortgage – available for businesses, sole traders and limited companies. Typically, a mortgage for a commercial…

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Working Capital Finance | Finance to Boost Working Capital | Business Cash Flow Boost
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Working capital finance

As the name implies, working capital finance has been developed to help a business boost its working capital through business finance. Often it will be sourced for areas of business growth where a company is looking to diversify into a new market or focusing on winning much larger contracts. Working capital finance can be utilised…

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Asset Finance Partner | Help with Asset Finance | Asset Finance Specialist
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Asset finance partner

Here at NGI Finance, we are an independent asset finance business specialist. We have a whole of market approach and have over 50-years combined experience. Our aim is to deliver a fully bespoke and tailor-made service, sourcing the right business finance solution every time. Whether the need is for short or long-term finance, purchasing of…

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Business Asset Finance | Advice on Business Asset Finance | Help with Business Asset Finance | Business Asset Finance Specialist
Business asset finance 750 400 Lorna Slee

Business asset finance

Asset finance allows a company to use their business balance sheet assets as security for borrowing money. It is one of the most popular and secure ways of establishing working capital for a business. This capital can then be utilised for multiple purposes, enabling a boost in cash flow and to fulfil key growth plans.…

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Closure of Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) | Refinance for CJRS
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Closure of coronavirus job retention scheme (CJRS)

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) closed on 30th September. This was an initiative set-up by the Government which allowed a business to claim up to 60% of a furloughed employees wage, with a cap of £1,875 per month, per employee. A business then had to pay at least 20% of their wages so the…

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Finance for Fridge Vans | Fridge Van Finance | Refrigerated Van Finance | Help to Buy Fridge Vans
Finance for fridge vans 750 400 Lorna Slee

Finance for fridge vans

Items such as food, flowers, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other temperature sensitive goods require transportation in a vehicle where temperatures can be kept to an optimum level for both short and long journeys. As such refrigerated vans are becoming more and more popular. With the benefit of allowing drivers to control the temperature of the items…

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Commercial Vehicle Finance | New Finance for Commercial Vehicle | Company Vehicle Finance
Commercial vehicle finance 750 400 Lorna Slee

Commercial vehicle finance

Typically, October and November can be quiet months for the commercial vehicle sector, the buzz around the new registrations in September has curtailed and new purchases tend to be slow. However, it appears the trend has changed this year and the demand for commercial vehicles continues to rise. A key factor behind this is that…

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Food Manufacturing Finance | Finance for Food Manufacturing | Business Loan to Buy Food Machine
Food manufacturing finance 750 400 Lorna Slee

Food manufacturing finance

Running a food manufacturing business can be a challenge. Not only are there the day-to-day operations and staffing issues to contend with, there are also other factors such as being hit with product recalls, product shortages and issues with supply chains. Operating a business in this sector is complex, from processing raw food, mixing ingredients,…

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Finance for Packaging Companies | Extrusion Machine Finance | Filling Machines Finance | Wrapping Machines Finance | Finance for Blister Packing Machines | Finance for Label Machines
Finance for packaging companies 750 400 Lorna Slee

Finance for packaging companies

The packaging industry is fast moving and incredibly competitive. Any business operating within this sector needs to be continually evolving through investment and development. Here at NGI we are highly experienced in working with manufacturing companies. We understand their challenges and are here to support them with all their business growth needs. Our team have…

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NGI Special Effects | Supporting Special Effects | Charity Support Witney
Blisters, bubbles and laughter – all for charity 750 400 Lorna Slee

Blisters, bubbles and laughter – all for charity

Having had to initially cancel our charity event back in July due to bad weather, on Friday 24th September we were delighted to be able to complete our plans. Several of us undertook a challenging 30-mile bike ride, whilst others took a slightly more sedate journey with a relaxing walk taking in some of the…

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CNC Finance | Finance for CNC Machine | Help to Purchase CNC Machine
CNC finance 750 400 Lorna Slee

CNC finance

Any successfully manufacturing business continually invests in the latest equipment and technologies to ensure that their operating processes are fully optimised. Gaining a competitive advantage thanks to state-of-the-art equipment is crucially important. A CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine is arguably one of the most important manufacturing machines. It can pre-programme computer software which will then…

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Financing Options | Business Loans | Business Asset Finance | Equipment Finance | Business Line of Credit | Invoice Finance | Property Finance
Financing options 750 400 Lorna Slee

Financing options

In today’s world where we are surrounded by choices and options for any type of purchase it can often be frustrating to find exactly what we need. If we relate this to the world of business finance, we have an abundance of choices. There is a vast array of financing options available, but how do…

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SME Finance | Finance for Small Business | SME Finance Specialist | Help with SME Business Loan
SME finance 750 400 Lorna Slee

SME finance

The SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) sector is arguably the most important area for the business community. With an estimated turnover of £1.6 trillion it accounts for 47% of private sector turnover.* Any business with a turnover of less than £25 million and fewer than 250 employees fits into the SME category and it is…

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Franchise Loans | Loan for Franchise | Help Purchasing Franchise | Loan to Buy Franchise | Franchise Finance
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Franchise loans

The acquisition of a franchise can often be an extremely attractive solution for those who want to own their own business without having to start from scratch. For those who already run a successful franchise, purchasing a second one can be a desirable proposition, offering great growth potential. Becoming a franchisor is another good business…

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EFG Loan | Enterprise Finance Guarantee Loan | EFG Loan Application
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EFG loan

The Enterprise Finance Guarantee Loan (EFG) is a scheme set-up to assist businesses who might not have been successful with a normal commercial loan application. It is a government backed initiative where they guarantee up to 75% of the loan with the lender against the outstanding facility. Any lender will need to be fully satisfied…

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Alternative Lending | Advice on Alternative Lending | Alternative Lending Provider | What is an Alternative Lender
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Alternative lending

Many businesses have recognised that when in need of finance the traditional approach of speaking with their local bank is not always the best option. Instead, they seek the advice and guidance of alternative lending specialists. An alternative lending company is one that can provide a whole host of lending solutions which includes commercial loans,…

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Commercial Vehicle Loan | Finance for Company Vehicle | Contract Hire | Hire Purchase | Finance Lease | Business Loan
Commercial vehicle loan 750 400 Lorna Slee

Commercial vehicle loan

A commercial vehicle is, as the name suggests, any vehicle that is used for business purposes. This could include cars, vans, buses, HGV’s and agricultural vehicles. When the need for a commercial vehicle has been identified the biggest decision is what type of finance can be used for the purchase. The three main types are:…

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Food Truck Financing | Finance for Food Truck | Help Purchasing Food Truck
Food truck financing 750 400 Lorna Slee

Food truck financing

Running a food business today can mean many different things. Traditionally most people think of a restaurant, café or takeaway but one of the most popular options currently is a mobile operation. Having a food truck can offer you flexibility, freedom and low running costs. With premises costing so much, a mobile food outlet can…

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