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What Assets & Equipment Can My Business Finance | Business Finance for Assets | Asset Finance Oxford
What assets and equipment can my business finance 750 400 Lorna Slee

What assets and equipment can my business finance

Thanks to business asset finance a company can purchase items such as equipment, machinery or vehicles through a loan agreement. By purchasing via this method your cashflow is not adversely affected and you can continue to fulfil your company growth plans. Of course, you can also release the value of business assets which are owned…

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Advantages of Equipment Leasing | Finance for Equipment Leasing | Equipment Leasing Finance
Advantages of equipment leasing 750 400 Lorna Slee

Advantages of equipment leasing

One of the biggest challenges for any company is to ensure that their equipment is always up to date and contains the latest technologies to keep the optimum productivity across the business. Often the cost to purchase new equipment can be out of budget and this is where the importance of equipment leasing can be…

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More Financial Jargons | Financial Acronyms | Financial Terms Translation
More financial jargon translations 750 400 Lorna Slee

More financial jargon translations

Following on from our blog of last month where we provided some simple translations to the most common financial jargon, we have a few more that we wanted to share: AIR Assumed interest rate is the growth or percentage rate that an insurance or investment will grow over a 1-year basis. APY Annual percentage yield…

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RLS Coming To An End | Last Minute RLS Application | Recovery Loan Scheme
RLS coming to an end 750 400 Lorna Slee

RLS coming to an end

The last Government backed funding initiative which was brought in to aid the recovery of businesses during COVID-19 will be coming to an end on 30th June 2022. The Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS) was created to support businesses of any size, who have been affected by the pandemic and need some financial help either through…

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The Importance of Working Capital | Finance for Working Capital
The importance of working capital 750 400 Lorna Slee

The importance of working capital

To ensure ongoing business continuity and growth, the correct management of working capital is critical. A key factor is maintaining a healthy cash flow to ensure that all ongoing day to day costs are accounted for. The difference between a successful and a struggling business is often down to their management of their working capital.…

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Plant & Heavy Asset Finance | Construction Finance | Finance for Construction Machinery | Heavy Machinery Finance
Plant and heavy asset finance 750 400 Lorna Slee

Plant and heavy asset finance

Since 2020 the construction industry has seen positive growth and although there will be challenges ahead, it is expected to capture further growth potentials in the next 24 to 48 months. With more construction sites being developed there is likely to be a surge in demand for plant and heavy machinery. The issue many construction…

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The Finance Jargon | List of Finance Acronyms | What are Finance Acronyms
The finance jargon, what does it actually mean? 750 400 Lorna Slee

The finance jargon, what does it actually mean?

Understanding and translating key financial acronyms can be challenging. We have taken some of the most common ones and offered some simple translations: LTV = Loan to Value The percentage of any loan outstanding in comparison to the value of the asset. GDV = Gross Development Value The projected value of a property once construction…

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Development Finance | Property Development Finance | Finance for Property Project
Development Finance 750 400 Lorna Slee

Development Finance

Development finance provides a cash boost in the form of funding, which can be used to assist with construction related projects for both commercial and residential properties. Finance is available in the form of both loans and mortgages. This type of funding solution enables a lender to loan money for a business or entrepreneur to…

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10 Years & Counting | Lorna Slee | Female Asset Finance Specialist
10 years and counting 750 400 Lorna Slee

10 years and counting

Starting up a new business can be relatively straightforward; you have a great idea, are a specialist in a certain area, passionate about offering excellent customer service and driven to be successful. The complexities come when the business starts to grow and you have to think about bringing in new members of staff to support…

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Cyber Security Finance | Business Finance for Cyber Security | Business Loan for Cyber Security
Cyber security finance 750 400 Lorna Slee

Cyber security finance

The world of digital technology cannot sit and stagnate, it must continually transform and new and better improvements have to be made. Shifting to cloud storage or adopting artificial intelligence are just a couple of the challenges that businesses face when considering their digital footprint. Of course, the major issue with the digital technology landscape…

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Buy To Let Opportunities For Business Growth | Business Property Finance | Business Buy To Let
Buy to let opportunities for business growth 750 400 Lorna Slee

Buy to let opportunities for business growth

Business owners are always looking for optimum ways to secure the long-term future of their business. Often, they will explore how investing their profits will help to generate good levels of income. Arguably one of the most advantageous solutions is with the investment in property which can then be utilised for potential rental opportunities to…

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Business Expansion | Business Expansion Finance | Loan for Business Expansion
Business expansion 750 400 Lorna Slee

Business expansion

Business expansion can be an incredibly exciting time in the lifecycle of a company. It focusses on increasing 3 key areas of the business: customers, brand awareness and profits. Different types of expansion will involve different types of activities, the more common ones being the purchase of new assets, the opening of new offices or…

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Avoid Cash Flow Worries | Balancing Cash Flow | Cash Flow Business Loan
Avoid cash flow worries 750 400 Lorna Slee

Avoid cash flow worries

Balancing cash flow is a key component to the success of any business. Having a sustainable level of cash to assist with paying salaries and bills whilst also keeping a healthy reserve for those unexpected costs is vitally important. Any business that can safeguard its money will in turn help to secure its future growth.…

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Finance For Festivals | Business Finance for Festival Season | Music Festival Finance
Finance for festivals 750 400 Lorna Slee

Finance for festivals

As the clocks spring forward and we all start dreaming of warmer weather and lighter nights there is a real buzz building around the forthcoming festival season. Having been hit hard with a lack of events for the last 2 years, there is great optimism that this year will see the festival scene return to…

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Debt Factoring | Invoice Finance | Finance for Business Cash Flow | Temporary Business Finance
Debt factoring 750 400 Lorna Slee

Debt factoring

Debt factoring is when a business needs immediate cashflow and so will sell its invoices to a broker who can arrange for an advanced payment to be made. Often clients will take 60-, 90- or 120-day payment terms and waiting for that payment is not always a viable option for the company. This is where…

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IP Finance | Intellectual Property Finance | Business Finance for IP
IP finance 750 400 Lorna Slee

IP finance

Intellectual property (IP) refers to a set of intangible assets which are owned by a business and which are legally protected. It is not a physical asset, but includes items such as a patent, copyright, trademark or trade secrets. Broken down further, this can include items such as inventions, literary or artistic works, designs, logos,…

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Business Car Finance | Finance for New Company Car | Company Car Finance
Business car finance 750 400 Lorna Slee

Business car finance

Business car finance enables companies to purchase new vehicles, without having to fund the total amount of the purchase upfront. Whether it is a company car upgrade, a brand-new vehicle requirement or a new fleet of vehicles, there are currently some excellent finance deals available. There are several solutions available: Contract hire enables a business…

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Simply Asset Finance | Business Asset Finance
Simply asset finance 750 400 Lorna Slee

Simply asset finance

Asset funding in simple terms, describes a type of funding that can be used for purchasing a new business asset. It can be used for either acquiring a new asset or for raising finance against an asset which the business already owns. It can be broken down in to 2 specific categories, hire purchase and…

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Farm Loans | Agriculture Finance | Finance for New Tractor | Finance for Farming Equipment
Farm loans 750 400 Lorna Slee

Farm loans

The farming industry is a crucial part of the economy but it is one which also is extremely challenging. Managing cash flow when you operate in a seasonal basis, where income hits big highs and big lows, is never an easy process. This is where agricultural finance is critical to the successful running of any…

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RLS for Working Capital Loan | Help to Secure Working Capital Loan | Recovery Loan Scheme Advice
RLS for working capital loan 750 400 Lorna Slee

RLS for working capital loan

The RLS (Recovery Loan Scheme) backed Government initiative has been running since April 2021 and continues to offer financial support to all types of businesses across the UK. It was set-up to assist companies who have been adversely affected due to COVID-19. The finance available can be utilised for any genuine business purpose and lending…

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