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Business asset finance

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Asset finance allows a company to use their business balance sheet assets as security for borrowing money. It is one of the most popular and secure ways of establishing working capital for a business. This capital can then be utilised for multiple purposes, enabling a boost in cash flow and to fulfil key growth plans. The value of the funding secured will be determined by the value of the assets used.

What can asset finance be used for?

A key benefit of asset finance is that it provides short-term funding which can be used for any business purposes, key examples include:

  • Increasing working capital
  • Purchasing new equipment
  • Financing growth plans
  • Boosting employee numbers
  • Acquiring new business facilities

What are the key advantages of asset finance?

  • The application process is simple and generally much easier to obtain compared with a traditional bank loan
  • With fixed monthly payment a business can accurately budget and easily manage their cash flow
  • Typically, asset finance deals will have a fixed interest rate

Our team here at NGI provide a hassle-free approach in securing asset finance. The application process is simple, quick and efficient, with the key benefit that you get to deal directly with one of our advisors. Recently we have assisted a business to secure £80K for a new CNC Machine, we have supported an engineering company with asset finance of £500k and enabled a restaurant to move to a larger facility with funding of £400k.

If you need some help with business asset finance, then we are here to help. To find out more please call us on 01993 706403 or e-mail

We can provide you with tailored business finance solutions.

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