Why Use A Broker?

Finance brokers are designed to be there to support you with all of your business financial needs.

Here at NGI we take a partnership approach with our clients, embedding ourselves within their organisation so that we can fully understand their specific business requirements. It is important that a broker takes the time and appropriate steps in order to get to know a business inside and out. At NGI we always endeavour to meet with a business in the first instance in order to complete a full financial audit covering every aspect of their organisation. This approach allows us to have full visibility and enables us to identify areas and solutions that may not have been previously considered.

We believe that experience is essential. That a broker should have broad industry knowledge and an excellent network of financial professionals on which to draw. The NGI team have always surrounded themselves with only the best staff and the best finance teams. Which means that when a new client comes to us requiring finance, they need only make 1 call to our team. We pride ourselves on them having the ability to find the right financial solutions to suit their needs. Thus, removing the burden from them and ensuring that all they need to do is choose from the options provided and secure their financial deal. It really is that simple!

Case study

“We were approached by a removals company who in their words, “were far too busy with the day job and needed help to finance their growth plans”. We met with them within 48-hours of receiving the initial enquiry and found the right solution which was approved within 7-days. We now finance all the company vehicles, personal vehicles, provide mortgages for relatives and undertake all their financial business transactions. “

An honest approach

Our initial consultation is always at our own cost and there are no fee’s for research. There will be occasions however, where financially it makes no sense to proceed. We are committed to give the very best advice therefore we will tell you not to bother if funds are going to be too expensive. When we do find a suitable financial deal, we are always fully transparent on who we use and what fee’s will be applicable. People often have a fear of sharing personal information, but we are bound by FCA data protection regulation, and are members of NACFB, so we ensure diligence and integrity is always upheld.

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We are here to simplify the process around business finance, helping to ensure expectations are always maximised. Borrowing money can be daunting but we can help you move forward to achieve your specific business goals. If you need some help please request a call back by completing the following contact form:

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