Need funding for a large complex commercial mortgage application?

Need funding for a large complex commercial mortgage application? 150 150 Lorna Slee

If so we have a lender that can make it as painless as possible.commercial-mortgages-150x150

Their Team of lending Managers, work with us to develop a bespoke solution that will really suit your needs.

Our lender offers:

  • Long term options up to 20 years – unlike other lenders, they won’t insist on renegotiating or reviewing after 5 years
  • Loans are offered on a standalone basis – they won’t demand deposits or other banking facilities as a condition of the loan
  • Flexible repayment terms for commercial investment property loans – balancing income and loan repayment requirements to reflect your strategy, based on the rental stream and unexpired lease terms.
  • Pricing is negotiated on an individual basis – the lender takes into account the profitability and sustainability of the business, asset type and quality, covenant strength, lease terms and loan to value.
  • No need to risk high valuation fees – prior to formal credit approval, the lender provides credit-backed facility letters with a desktop valuation only.

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