Commercial Bridging Finance and it’s uses

Commercial Bridging Finance and it’s uses 150 150 Lorna Slee

NGI Finance has access to some of the UK’s leading commercial bridging lenders.

Loans can be arranged in less than 24 hours.

Commercial Bridging FinanceWe offer a professional service tailored to your exact needs

Every bridging case is unique, and using our skills and experience we work with you to get loans completed

So what can a commercial bridging loan be used for?

To quickly secure a property
This is the classic use for bridging finance – being able to purchase a property before selling an existing one.

Auction Purchase for Investment Property
In some cases, applicants buy properties at auction without having finance in place. Bridging loans can be agreed quickly and are ideal for providing funds at short notice.

Supporting Property Investors.
Bridging allows professional investors to buy property quickly, which they can then refurbish or improve. Once the work is done, they can repay the bridging loan by either selling the property or by obtaining a buy-to-let mortgage.

Temporary Cash Flow Cover
Applicants in need of cash in the short term, for example to settle a liability or to provide cash flow for a business, can find bridging ideal for their needs.

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NGI Finance: Helping to refurbish a Dental Practice. 

Commercial Bridging FinanceWe were approached by a client who was looking to carry out a complete refurbishment of their busy dental practice.

Having secured a grant for the work the client purely needed to liaise with the architect and get the work completed. The clients bank was unable to assist at that point in time.

NGI Finance got agreement for the proposal and  funds were released in stage payments. The client had a clear cut exit route and bridging certainly filled the gap prior to the grant funds being released.

We can provide you with tailored business finance solutions.

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