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How to finance business growth

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Arguably one of the most important elements of business growth is how you finance your growth plans? Whether you need to increase turnover, purchase the latest machinery or employ new members of staff, having the right business finance in place is crucial.

There are many ways to finance business growth, but this can only be accomplished once the business planning is completed. Having the right business plan keeps you accountable and outlines objectives that need to be fulfilled. It is also a key document which lenders will want to see before finalising any finance agreements.

When the planning is completed, the next hurdle is finding the best financial option to suit your individual business need. It can be a tricky process sourcing the right solution but by approaching a specialist finance team, they can complete all the research and match you to the best deals available.

Asset Finance – this is a broad funding solution which can include leasing, hire purchase and leaseback. You can purchase new machinery, a fleet of vehicles or undertake a major renovation, it is a multi-use solution. Terms are very flexible with repayment options available to suit any specific business need.

Invoice Finance – also known as invoice factoring and invoice finance, this is a perfect solution for boosting cashflow thanks to the releasing of money which would originally be held up in long term payment terms of customer invoices. A business can access funding immediately using the outstanding invoices as guarantee.

Commercial Mortgages – an ideal finance package for purchasing business and commercial property. A loan is secured against any type of property which will be used for commercial purposes, this can include a warehouse, factory, shop, retail outlet, restaurant, food outlet, hospital, dentist practice and school.

Revolving Credit Line – this one-time agreement allows a specific line of credit to be secured by a business to use at their own discretion. In essence it is an open-ended loan which can be used over an agreed term. Once the credit line has been repaid the account is closed and a business can source additional funding options.

Mezzanine Debt Finance – this less common option is a mix of debt and equity financing. It will enable a business to raise funds which can then be used to fund specific growth activity plans or for completing a business acquisition.

Our team have specialist knowledge in securing finance solutions for business growth purposes. In recent months we have secured an invoice finance line for a pharmaceutical company which allowed them to increase working capital. We have worked with a specialist manufacturer of football goalkeeping equipment helping them to secure £200K of funding for purchasing new machinery. We have helped to secure working capital for a bespoke kitchen manufacturer and finally we have helped a car supplier with funding more vehicles for stock.

There is a plethora of financial options available to a business. It really is all down to specific needs of the company and what will be help them to grow the best. Our team of financial specialists are on hand whenever you might need them. If you need help, please call us on 01993 706403 or e-mail

We can provide you with tailored business finance solutions.

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