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Running a food manufacturing business can be a challenge. Not only are there the day-to-day operations and staffing issues to contend with, there are also other factors such as being hit with product recalls, product shortages and issues with supply chains. Operating a business in this sector is complex, from processing raw food, mixing ingredients, packaging products and then distribution, there are many variables to account for.

The one common theme that all these businesses need is a healthy cash flow. Maintaining a good cash balance brings broad benefits:

  • Leveraging great opportunities – take advantages of buying in bulk and multiple discounts.
  • Be flexible – get access to your money earlier making it risk free for the entire supply chain.
  • Be in control of risk – creating a stable financial platform means you can adapt to external factors such as price increases and market inflation.

All the above can be controlled through selected finance packages tailored for an individual business. Alongside this at some stage a food manufacturer will need access to additional funding for investing in new staff, purchasing or extending commercial facilities and upgrading equipment. Again, business finance can help.

The NGI team have developed a range of food manufacturing finance packages that include asset finance, business loans, commercial mortgages and invoice finance.

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