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Fixed asset loans

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A fixed business asset is something that is purchased for long term use and can include property, equipment and land – all of which are used for operational purposes to generate future income.

Key facts about fixed assets:

  • Any fixed asset will provide a long-term financial benefit to a business and from an accountancy perspective will always appear on a company balance sheet
  • Depreciation will apply to all fixed assets, reflecting the wear and tear of the items (land is specifically excluded from depreciation)
  • Often the fixed assets will be used to produce goods and services for generating business revenue, but not sold to generate revenue
  • Fixed assets are not typically converted into cash

Types of fixed assets include:

  • Property and facilities
  • Machinery and manufacturing equipment
  • Furniture and IT equipment
  • Business vehicles (including cars, vans, HGV’s and forklift trucks)

From this list it is clear that there are many types of fixed assets which a business would need. To assist with the purchase of such items there are a range of financial packages available which include:

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