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Buy to let opportunities for business growth

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Business owners are always looking for optimum ways to secure the long-term future of their business. Often, they will explore how investing their profits will help to generate good levels of income. Arguably one of the most advantageous solutions is with the investment in property which can then be utilised for potential rental opportunities to other businesses.

The yield on returns within the business buy-to-let market is very positive. It offers long-term security as a business looking to rent a property will want the safety net of having a settled home for their business. They will be looking at a minimum of 5-years rental and often many will be happy to agree terms in the duration of 10 to 15-years. This provides the business renting it with good security and ensures that the property owner has a great return on investment.

Often when exploring buy-to-let opportunities the key will be to look for more space than is required. Your business can utilise some of the space and the remaining can be let out to other businesses.

Something else which can be beneficial with buy-to-let is the low cost of property upkeep. Often a tenant will agree to a repair and insure lease agreement. This basically means that the tenant will be responsible for the area of the property which they rent and if any maintenance or repairs are needed then it is their responsibility to get this resolved at their cost.

One final note when looking at buy-to-let is the benefit of doing this under a Limited Company. For example cost savings can be made through income tax and you can also deduct specific expenses when owning a buy to let property, to find out more we recommend you speak with one of our property experts.

Applying for a buy-to-let mortgage is relatively simple, the documentation required is 3-years of audited back accounts, 6-months of bank statements and a summary of the business’s assets and liabilities.

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