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The world of digital technology cannot sit and stagnate, it must continually transform and new and better improvements have to be made. Shifting to cloud storage or adopting artificial intelligence are just a couple of the challenges that businesses face when considering their digital footprint.

Of course, the major issue with the digital technology landscape is that of risks through cyber-attacks. This is where cyber security is so important, you must consider data privacy, ethical practices and operational resiliencies.  Cyber-attacks are varied and focus on the unauthorised exploitation of all IT related systems and solutions. In essence anybody that is connected to the internet can be prone to a cyber-attack through infrastructure, network solutions, cloud, IT and applications.

Many businesses think that cyber security doesn’t relate to them as they are not an IT related company. However, it can have an impact on any type of business, especially now our reliance on technology is so ingrained. Most cyber-attacks will be automated, attacking mass numbers as they try to exploit as many common vulnerabilities as possible which is why anybody can be susceptible.

One of the important elements for your cyber security protection is to make sure you have funds put aside to cover necessary costs. Any business planning and financial forecasting should be including cyber security. Whether it is the purchase of new servers, new IT equipment or the provision of fundamental security, business finance should be set aside or sourced.

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