What is Asset Refinancing?

What is Asset Refinancing? 150 150 Lorna Slee

Businesses looking to free up working capital may not be aware that they can raise finance against an asset they already own by way of refinancing. As with asset finance, the business will then make agreed monthly payments over a set period of time. Asset refinancing is often available on vehicles, equipment and machinery that were either previously financed, or on equipment that has been bought outright. It is also an extremely useful option when purchasing equipment from abroad.

A client of NGI recently purchased a large piece of specialist equipment from a European supplier. The business purchased the asset outright and then simply re- financed it on a sale and HP agreement once it had arrived in the country.

Allowing businesses to free up equity on assets already owned and in use by the company is a popular option and gives businesses access to capital without approaching their bank.

4 Reasons why asset refinance is a popular choice for business:business-loans

  • Provides a cash injection in a relatively quick turnaround time.
  • Alternative to the banks.
  • Set monthly payments – makes budgeting and managing your cash flow simple.
  • The asset can be fully owned by your company or currently under an existing finance agreement.

Examples of just some of the Assets that businesses are able to refinance.

  • Agricultural equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Manufacturing and Materials handling equipment
  • Transportation and Haulage equipment
  • Vehicles

How NGI has helped two companies with asset refinance:

  • A leading company specialising in branded signs and marketing display material, wished to raise finance against a recently purchased vehicle. Initially the company had paid cash for the vehicle to secure an excellent price.NGI subsequently re financed the vehicle with one of our asset funders on a hire purchase agreement. This meant our client was able to fund the vehicle having already paid for it..!The client has since returned to us to request funding for a new printer

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