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What assets and equipment can my business finance

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Thanks to business asset finance a company can purchase items such as equipment, machinery or vehicles through a loan agreement. By purchasing via this method your cashflow is not adversely affected and you can continue to fulfil your company growth plans. Of course, you can also release the value of business assets which are owned or use them as funding security.

As every business is unique, the requirements for new assets will vary. This is where a bespoke finance package to match your needs and your financial situation is crucial to securing new assets. By tailoring an agreement your business will be able to secure the right assets, key benefits can include:

  • Relatively low up-front costs
  • Fixed repayments over an agreed term
  • Immediate access to new assets
  • No risk to levels of working capital

Asset finance is a truly universal form of business finance that can be deployed across all types of industry.  We can break this down in to 5 key examples:

  1. Equipment – Classified as either soft or hard assets, a soft asset includes computer hardware or office equipment whereas a hard asset would include a CNC router a combine harvester.
  2. Machinery – Heavy duty machinery across manufacturing, construction and engineering industries can be incredibly expensive, an asset finance deal provides you with the ability to improve business efficiency through state-of-the-art equipment.
  3. Vehicles – From a single white van to a fleet of refrigerated transits or a number of electrical company cars, asset finance can be utilised for all types of commercial vehicles offering excellent interest rates and repayment plans.
  4. Fit-Outs – As a business if you are needing more space or looking for new facilities the upfront costs can be a deterrent due to the work needed to make it fit your business. Fortunately, asset finance is an ideal funding platform for making sure there are no compromises and you can guarantee that your fit-out is to your exacting requirements.
  5. Refurbishments – Any type of building refurbishment, office fit-out or workspace renovation can be costly. Utilising asset finance to fund the refurbishments means the work can be undertaken quickly yet payment can be spread over a term that is favourable to you.

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