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Select The Right Broker | Business Finance | Finance Broker Witney

No matter what the industry, there will always be some businesses that perform better than others and there will always be some companies that provide a far superior customer experience. There will also unfortunately, be some companies who don’t necessarily follow the correct operating guidelines and do not perform to the best of their abilities.

Fortunately, in the world of finance, we have a regulatory body, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), who strive to improve standards and promote honesty, fairness and effective business practices for the benefit of the consumer. Whilst, we as commercial finance brokers do not need to be regulated by the FCA, we at NGI have chosen to go through the rigorous application process to ensure transparency and high standards for all of our customers.

We believe that it is becoming ever more important for lenders and brokers to have the same stringent operating procedures so that the financial industry continues to grow in strength through a reputation of fairness and trustworthiness.

As a broker we ensure that we positively influence our clients to ensure they work with a lender who upholds stringent and correct business standards. It is important that lenders and brokers take a collective approach, working together for the business community.

If you are looking for business finance make sure you select a Broker that is experienced, FCA approved and committed to work with you over the long term. For help feel free to call us on 01993 706403 or e-mail

We can provide you with tailored business finance solutions.

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