Scaffolding Equipment for the Construction Industry

Scaffolding Equipment for the Construction Industry 150 150 Lorna Slee

Scaffolding and construction equipment finance is a cost-effective way for the construction industry to manage its cash flow in what is currently a very price-sensitive sector. Tubes, fittings and boards can all be purchased through asset finance.Scaffolding Finance

We were approached via a website enquiry from an owner of a scaffolding company.

The company supplies and erects traditional tube and fitting as well as system scaffolding. Due to an increase in work load, as well as purchasing new equipment they had been having to augment their stock levels by hiring in equipment, thus enabling the company to keep up with the demand.

When taking stock of the predicted hire bill, the company decided to stop hiring all their tubing and approached NGI Finance for their advice on the most suitable form of asset finance and requested quotes.Scaffolding Finance

NGI Finance arranged the finance and the client has since returned to finance a commercial vehicle.


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