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Examples of CBILS finance

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The Government backed Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) is a support package for small businesses who need help to raise finance of up to £5million.

They key thing to remember is that it is not just help for businesses who are struggling to survive, it is for any business no matter what their circumstances. Some typical examples of the way that the loans may be utilised include:

  • An IT company which might have recently secured a new large 5-year contract but need money upfront to pay for some of the initial project onboarding costs. Often these contracts are very cash demanding in the first year but incredibly profit rewarding in years 2 to 5. A CBILS loan would be the ideal solution to help with these onboarding costs.
  • In today’s current environment the need for keeping all staff and visitors safe is of the upmost importance and the demands for PPE are huge. Many contractors supplying to the NHS are in a position where they have to supply the equipment and then potentially have a 3-month wait for payment. CBILS finance will help to bridge the finance gap until payment is received.
  • With advances of technology many businesses are now exploring options of how to downsize office space and encourage more employees to work from home. Obviously, the longer-term financial impacts are very positive, but the short term will require a large boost in cash in order to cover the initial costs for technology and ensuring safe working practices are adhered to. A CBILS loan can be utilised to purchase all new equipment.
  • Manufacturing companies have to consistently invest in their equipment. They need to ensure that they can continue to meet the demands of their clients whilst also keeping any machinery downtime to a minimum to make sure it does not affect production levels. Often manufacturers will have a 10-year improvement programme but in order to finance this they need to raise funds. Again, this is a perfect solution where a CBILS finance deal can be utilised.

CBILS can provide the perfect financial solution for any business in the SME sector.

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