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Commercial mortgages

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Commercial Mortgages | Help to Purchase Commercial Property | Commercial Property Finance

The demand for commercial mortgages is on the rise. Business owners are continuing to recognise that investing in their business property could help to cement their financial future and many are exploring the best options for a business premises mortgage.

A commercial or business mortgage is a loan which has been secured on a property. This can include an office, warehouse, factory, workshop, shop, retail outlet, garage, hospital and school.

Historically, businesses have looked to rent their commercial property. However, over recent years, interest rates have lowered, and the monthly mortgage repayments are far more competitive in comparison to the monthly rental fees. There are also more commercial buildings available as landlords are looking to release equity and sell most of their portfolio.

There are so many positives making it a buyer’s market for business owners. Interest rates are incredibly competitive. There are some excellent capital gains benefits, meaning the release of capital growth over a longer period (especially as property prices continue to rise). Additional space is great for either business expansion or even rental opportunities to other businesses. Probably the largest benefit though, is the elimination of “wasted money”, no more rental fee’s going to the property owner, instead the money is being used for purchasing the most important business asset of all.

We work with all business types across Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley. Our experience is in matching the right commercial investment mortgage deal for our clients, whatever their size or their financial circumstances.

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