Asset Finance For Chiller Vans: Food Delivery & Catering

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The Importance of Refrigerated Vehicles For Food & Drink Distribution 

We have seen revolutionary changes in how food is delivered over the past decades, and it is now more important than ever for retailers and food delivery companies to deliver the freshest food & Chiller Vans For Fooddrink straight to people’s doors.

Furthermore, with various exotic fruits and vegetables available in the UK year-round, the companies transporting these goods are under increasing amounts of pressure to distribute them effectively, maintaining their freshness and value to the consumer.

Luckily, there are many ways for large and small businesses alike to obtain asset finance for their acquisition of essential refrigerated vehicles.

Temperature Control

Temperature control is essential to keeping food and drink fresh, and therefore distribution companies must ensure that their vehicles are properly equipped.

This doesn’t necessarily only apply to large corporations, but also to smaller businesses; butchers, farmers, delicatessens, lunch delivery companies, and others. All of these businesses require refrigerator vans to keep their produce in the best condition possible.

For caterers, it is important to maintain quality as well as quantity, and no matter how big the party that they’re catering for, their food must be of the highest standard. Transporting large amount of pre-prepared food to a location has a number of challenges, and maintaining its optimum temperature during transit will ensure that it arrives at its destination in the best condition.

Asset Finance Options

There are multiple financing options available if you are looking to get hold of a temperature controlled vehicle.  Hire Purchase is one of the most popular, which enables businesses to own the vehicle at the end of their contract.

Finance Lease is another option, by utilising Finance Lease, you are able to pay the entire cost of the vehicle over an agreed period, or alternatively pay small instalments and a larger final payment.

Contract Hire is a third option, which covers all maintenance costs of the vehicle, with it then being returned to the finance company at the end of the contract.

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