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Alternative lending

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Many businesses have recognised that when in need of finance the traditional approach of speaking with their local bank is not always the best option. Instead, they seek the advice and guidance of alternative lending specialists. An alternative lending company is one that can provide a whole host of lending solutions which includes commercial loans, asset finance and invoice finance.

The benefit of using an alternative lender to a bank is that they have access to a diverse range of lenders, can tailor financial solutions to a specific business need and can often ensure a business receives funding within a short space of time. Alternative lenders are seen as being very flexible with a very simple application process and successful in terms of the high conversion rates for approval of finance deals. 

As an alternative lending provider, the NGI team are vastly experienced and can offer solutions to all business finance needs. One of our most common enquiries is for business loans due to their flexibility and diversity and recently we have been assisting companies to secure funding through the government backed Recover Loan Scheme (RLS).  The RLS offers the following benefits:

  • Open to both new and existing customers
  • No personal guarantees required for up to £250,000
  • Funding available between £25,000 and £10m
  • No arrangement fees or early repayment fees on loans up to £3m
  • Any existing business assets can be considered when securing an RLS

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