Financing Soft Assets

Our Top 5 Financing Requests for Soft Assets

Our Top 5 Financing Requests for Soft Assets 750 400 Lorna Slee

In today’s business climate, a successful company is one that continually adapts to the ever-changing landscape. Typically, an organisation will succeed when they have an excellent product or service, when they continually develop their staff and when they take time to invest wisely in their infrastructure.

Financing Soft Assets

Over the past 3 years we have seen a consistent rise in the demand for asset finance for what we commonly call Soft Assets, e.g. the much-needed equipment which keeps a business running. This can range from a simple upgrade of office PC’s to scaffold tubes, fittings and boards for a construction site.

5 of the most popular request for soft assets are:

  1. Hardware & Software
  2. Scaffolding
  3. Catering Equipment
  4. Gym Equipment
  5. Office Refurbishments

We know that making the decision to invest in a business is not an easy choice so we make the process as simple and affordable as possible. No matter what the company size, we have solutions to suit every need. Two of our most popular asset finance solutions are Hire Purchase and Finance Lease.

Hire Purchase offers you a simple way to spread your costs, typically you pay a fixed rate of interest and benefit from agreed monthly payments.

With Finance Lease you are hiring it directly for a fixed contract period at an agreed monthly rental price. You will then have the option of continuing the agreement, or disposing of it to a 3rd party

One of our most recent asset finance deals was for a company who manufacture beds and mattresses. They secured an asset finance deal for £250,000 allowing them to purchase a Wintech Mattress Cutting Machine – learn more >>.

If you are looking for an asset finance deal we would be delighted to explore your available options, feel free to give us a call on 01993 706403.




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