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Finance Solutions for Franchising | Finance for Franchise Start-Up | Franchising Loans | Franchising Asset Finance

The SME sector continues to grow, and it is estimated that small and medium businesses in the UK have a combined turnover of in excess of £2 trillion. Alongside this is the contribution that SME’s make to the job creation in the UK, where again estimates suggest that small businesses employ over 16.3 million people.

A buoyant SME sector brings lots of opportunities for not only growing businesses but also for those wanting to take the step of becoming a small business owner. One solution that can meet the needs of both growing businesses and those looking to develop a new business is franchising.

For those wanting to take their first entrepreneurial steps in to business ownership they can have the flexibility and independence they crave, but at the same time have the support and infrastructure of a large corporation. One of the biggest factors to consider when starting a franchise is the often-significant investment required. There will often be a sizeable franchise fee to pay, along with ongoing royalties, working capital and promotional costs. This is where the NGI team can offer advice, guidance and funding to help you on your journey. We have access to a wide range of lenders so can cherry pick the right solution for you helping you to quickly get your franchise business up and running.

A business can also grow its brand and reputation by developing a franchise network, look at how successful it has been for the likes of McDonalds and Subway. If you already have a flourishing business with great processes in place, then you are only a few steps away from developing a franchising strategy. Again, the NGI team are on hand to help you every step of the way. We have broad franchising finance experience and have supported many businesses. Recently we have enabled a franchise lettings business with further expansion, by supporting them with additional lending we have facilitated them to widen their network with additional franchisee’s.

If you have a question or need any support in regard to franchise finance, then our team would be delighted to help. Please feel free to call us on 01993 706403 or e-mail

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