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Drive Your Way Into Spring

Drive Your Way Into Spring 750 400 Lorna Slee

Drive Your Way Into Spring | Finance for Company Care | Witney | Hire Purchase | Finance Leasing | Contract Hire

The snowdrops are coming though. The evenings are lighter. This can mean only one thing, Spring is finally on its way and with it comes the release of the new ‘18’ plates. Yes, it’s that time of year again when businesses start to look at updating their company cars.

Perhaps you know exactly which car you would like but are unsure of the best way to finance it? Here at NGI we can offer you a number of options to help you drive your way into Spring.  Whether it is Hire Purchase, Finance Leasing or Contract Hire, each option affords its own benefits depending on what type of company you are, your monthly budget and whether or not you wish to own the vehicle at the end of your agreement. By having a chat with one of our advisers we can ensure that you choose the most appropriate option for your business.

One area that always piques interest is our ability to provide Directors with personal finance options rather than looking to finance a car through their business. The benefit of this is that they can eliminate the high tax charges which they would otherwise incur with a company car and finance them as though they were technically considered to be self-employed.

If you are looking to take advantage of a new car deal, then the one key piece of advice we have is don’t just settle with the finance offer from the car dealer. Shop around and get the very best possible price. We have recently saved some of our clients a lot of money on car finance, including a £50,000 purchase of a Mercedes, a £90,000 purchase of a Lexus and a £100,000 purchase of a Range Rover. When you are ready to upgrade your car please come and make use of our 25+ years of experience. Why not send us details of your dealer quote and we can ensure that you get the very best deal available.

If you’d like further information on any of our funding options why not speak to one of our advisers on 01993 706403 and we’ll help get you on the road in your new car.

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