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Avoid cash flow worries

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Balancing cash flow is a key component to the success of any business. Having a sustainable level of cash to assist with paying salaries and bills whilst also keeping a healthy reserve for those unexpected costs is vitally important. Any business that can safeguard its money will in turn help to secure its future growth.

The power of cash flow forecasts

Keeping a good track of cashflow is an incredibly important process for any successful business. Monitoring cash balance along with providing accurate cash projections allows ongoing analysis to take place and gives the business visibility of both opportunities and threats.

The process is actually a very simple one; you just need to accurately track and record both income and expenditure. Being able to recognise your company’s financial situation allows you to identify potential issues and immediately act upon them to avoid cash flow problems. Having a positive cash flow means that any unaccounted expenditure such as machinery breakdowns or late payment from suppliers can be easily covered thanks to the cash buffer.

Analyse your customers

Generating revenue through client sales is clearly vitally important to the success of any business. However, if we are talking about protecting cash flow, making sure you have the right clients is even more important. Implementing a forward-looking approach to avoid debt issues will offer broad benefits.

Undertaking a quick analysis of any client looking to place orders will be advantageous. Of course, it is important to do this for any new clients but equally should also be done with any regular clients to keep track on their performance. Never accept any new business without fist doing your due diligence on the company performance and their financial situation.

Manage the payment of your invoices

Carrying bad debt can have negative connotations on any business. Most bad debt arises from the delayed payment of client invoices. Putting correct measures in place such as an invoice factoring solution, will help to maintain a healthy cashflow whilst you wait for your clients to settle any outstanding bills.

In short and to keep your business free from cash flow worries follow the simple steps of evaluate, analyse, monitor and adapt. Naturally, if you require any help with cash flow management then our team would be very happy to help. To find out more please call us on 01993 706403 or e-mail enquiries@ngifinance.co.uk.

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