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As you are aware, referrals can take a while to generate, and the first from me to you has been Witney Mill Housing Society, a mere 2 years or so to find – I focus on quality not quantity! When the chairman of the society advised he was looking to finance a re-generation scheme and I suggested you, there was deep scepticism round the table and terribly negative comments such as ‘oh another broker’ and ‘we have a long standing arrangement with the bank.’ However, I persisted, although then realised at that point if you did not come up trumps I actually risked losing a client. I am delighted to inform both you and everyone here in Premier Chapter, you have over performed, come up with a completely different way of financing the deal which will finance not only phase 1 but also phase 2. I also know the chairman has now ditched the bank and wants to do further business with you. He now apparently believes you are fantastic, and I am fantastic. A fact which I find remarkable, particularly as for three months I have not actually done any work on the scheme! This is a great example of how great performance by one member of the group can truly enhance and support the work of another.

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