Vehicle Finance Case Study

A Plethora of Choices

Choosing a new car is an exciting time – from visiting showrooms, sitting in the vehicles to taking a test drive and when eventually you decide on the right model, colour and extras for you, the next step is to agree the finance deal. Very often it is the easiest thing to do to just sign on the dotted line and accept the deal that the garage offers you but as many NGI clients know, there are other offers out there that might suit you better if only you had time to look.

“I saved myself over £2,500 by just picking up the phone and speaking to NGI Finance and I still took delivery of my new car within 3 days”

Paul Avins

“Not only is the finance deal that NGI came up with is £50 a month cheaper than the one the car dealer was offering, but the length of the term of the finance deal is better for me.”

Steven Sensecall, Kemp and Kemp

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When planning consultant Steven Sensecall reached the point in negotiations for buying a new Land Rover Discovery he was about to sign up for the dealer’s finance offer, after all it made things easy and straightforward. It also appeared to be very competitive, but there were a couple of things about the deal that he was not quite sure were right for him, so on recommendation, he asked NGI Finance for a quote as well.

Different Dealer, Different Car

Paul Avins, a well- established business coach based in Oxfordshire, was also at the end of negotiations to purchase a £35,000 Audi and he too had been quoted by the dealer for their finance offering. Like Steve, Paul was referred to NGI Finance, again by another satisfied NGI client.

Right Product, Right Place

In both cases, NGI Finance quickly identified that the product offered by the dealer was wrong for the client and the price was too expensive. Dealers usually only use one source for their finance, but as NGI uses a number of different finance houses, they have access to more options and can find the right one for the client’s requirements.

Time Is Of The Essence

Neither Paul nor Steve had to wait any longer to take delivery of their cars using NGI than they would have done had they used the dealers finance. NGI got back to them both within a few hours with some options, talked them through and set up the deals within days ready for Steven and Paul to drive their respective cars off the garage forecourts on time.

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