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When the time came for Simon Bassett, a Partner with Law Firm Royds Withy King, to purchase a new car he opted for a Range Rover. Before proceeding though, he looked to his business network to establish if anyone could advise him on the best financing solution. Having previously worked with NGI Finance for a number of commercial projects at Royds Withy King, Simon decided it was logical to approach Chris Morris for some financial advice.

“If only we had spoken to NGI Finance sooner, who knows what additional savings we could have made”

The Challenge

“The number of finance options for purchasing a new car can seem somewhat daunting and figuring out the best option can be a little tricky. This is where relying on your professional network for recommendations is so important.”

Simon Bassett

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The Choices

Simon explains; “I had completed a fair amount of research for the vehicle I wanted, my first approach was to speak directly to the car dealership and I also did the standard online search of mass providers. However, I felt I needed to explore an alternative and have the ability to speak with somebody truly independent who I could trust to give me an honest and accurate evaluation. At this stage I decided to approach the NGI team.”

The NGI Solution

Simon continues; “I called Chris and ran through my needs, he immediately exceeded my expectations. Chris demonstrated his broad industry knowledge and even made an introduction to a specialist supplier who was able to source me the car I wanted at an incredibly competitive rate. I was then able to agree a great finance deal for the vehicle with the NGI team. In total it took me just 1-week to sort out the financing for the car.”

The Results

Simon could not be happier with his car or his finance deal, “who knew that making one telephone call would be so successful! I absolutely love my car and am very grateful to all of the NGI team for helping me out. I have already contacted them again to help us with a second car and will be recommending Chris and his team whenever I can.”

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