Property Investment Case Study

Due to the sensitive nature of the transaction, we are not able to name the property investment firm involved in this case study.

Alternative Lenders

An experienced property investment firm had a sizeable portfolio of commercial and residential properties that they have built up over many years. They were used to borrowing money to purchase properties and had traditionally relied on high street banks for their mortgages.

Property Investment

“NGI Finance found us new lenders that we wouldn’t have otherwise known about”

Property Investor

Change in the Market

The property investor wanted to raise some cash to buy more properties taking advantage of the discounted prices in the current market. Although they had an excellent track record with all of their current lenders, they had effectively run out of banks to borrow from, due in large to the current market conditions which have led to many main stream banks effectively withdrawing from property investment loans.

New Lenders

NGI Finance was able to find new lenders not previously known to the client, even though they had been active in the property business for a significant period of time. There are a number of lenders that do not deal direct but only lend through brokers like NGI but who are able to offer very competitive terms to property investment firms.

With You Every Step of the Way

Having dealt historically with bank officials who had a habit of taking a long time to make decisions and were renowned for their poor service in returning calls and keeping them informed, the property investor was refreshingly surprised with the service that they received from NGI Finance. Being a smaller organisation, NGI was on hand to help with every step, always available to answer questions and queries including arranging for the lending managers to meet with the investor in person.

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