Parkers (Reading) Case Study

Parkers are an independently owned estate agency franchise serving the Reading area since 1999. The franchise Group extends to nearly 400 offices operating under 6 established brand names nationwide.

Property is their passion. They have been selling and renting homes in Reading and beyond for over 70 years, the original Parkers brand was established in 1948. With coverage across Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, they offer the very best of service whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent.

Parkers believe in being honest and upfront with their clients, ensuring that they communicate effectively throughout the whole process of buying or selling a property.

“The funding was available so quickly that we had to put a delay on receiving it until we were ready”

Asset Finance

“Buying a new business can be very challenging, with multiple considerations, especially around the finance involved. In the past we have been in the fortunate position of being able to complete cash purchases. However, our latest business purchase meant a commitment of £400K and therefore we needed some assistance. Initially we were going down the traditional route of speaking to our bank however, when I spoke to a fellow franchisor from Witney he recommended I speak with Chris Morris from NGI. It was the perfect introduction; Chris had the experience and acumen to take our needs and secure the funding we needed.”

Craig Pearson MARLA ARLA, Managing DirectorParkers Reading

Why NGI Finance?

“There is nothing clear cut when working with banks to get business finance. However, it is a completely different experience with the NGI team. During our initial meeting I spent time with Chris to explain our needs, we completed some paperwork and he took care of the rest. He has the experience to know exactly what questions to ask and exactly how to present information when borrowing money.

Having 30 to 40 staff across multiple locations means my time is limited and to know I have somebody that can take care of all my business finance needs, with little input is such a benefit.”

The NGI Solution

“When initially exploring our options, it was apparent how risk adverse high-street banks are and it identified a serious lack of understanding of what our specific needs were. This is the complete opposite from the NGI team. You could tell from our very first discussion that Chris had successfully managed numerous portfolio’s, knowing exactly the correct questions to ask and which funding companies to approach. In essence he basically removed around 50 to 60% of the information, which was being requested by the Bank, by successfully collating just the necessary data. When we were offered a solution, we were amazed by how low the interest rate of the business finance was. Not only that but our flexible arrangement means we have total control over our repayments. Our accountant was also astonished by the deal we had secured.”

The Results

“It was such a pleasure working with the NGI team, the only issue that we faced was the money we needed was available sooner than required so we had to put a hold on the process. Even this was turned in to a simple process and at no stage did we feel pressurised into completing early on the deal. In fact, since this deal has taken place we have already used Chris for 3 other requirements. We always get the best and most personalised service you could need; I can pick up the phone knowing I am not having to go through a call centre or speaking to somebody I have never dealt with before. I can text, e-mail or call and will always get the help I need.

To know that NGI are ready, willing and able to help me when I need it, is so valuable.”

We can provide you with tailored business finance solutions.

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