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Invoice Discounting: A Viable Cash Flow Solution 150 150 Lorna Slee

Invoice Discounting: A Viable Cash Flow Solution

Businesses of all sizes struggle with cash flow. For SMEs, positive cash flow can provide a sustainable lifeline where negative cash flow can lead to problems. Even extremely profitable businesses can struggle with cash flow. High operating costs, low profit margins, lack of credit and slow paying customers can add stress to the cash flow…

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Commercial Mortgage Refinancing For Businesses 150 150 Lorna Slee

Commercial Mortgage Refinancing For Businesses

Discussing Commercial Mortgage Refinancing Refinancing a commercial mortgage, also known as remortgaging, has many advantages for a businesses wanting to expand or pull equity out of their property. An increasing amount of businesses are seeing growth opportunities as the lingering symptoms of the recession finally appear to be easing. Commercial remortgages are available and at…

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Asset Finance for Print & Packaging Machinery 150 150 Lorna Slee

Asset Finance for Print & Packaging Machinery

Machinery for professional print and packaging is often required by startups and small businesses to lay solid foundations for the future, allowing companies to operate at high capacities and eventually increase profit margins. Whilst some machinery is simply too expensive to purchase as a one-off, print and packaging solutions are often sourced using asset finance…

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Commercial Investment Mortgages 150 150 Lorna Slee

Commercial Investment Mortgages

Individuals and entrepreneurs are often deterred from starting a business when the scale of cash flow is realised and confidence is low. Business opportunities can come and go at a significant rate, so it’s important to understand your finance options and remain optimistic about your projections. Investment mortgages are designed for those seeking finance for…

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Growing your Business Operations Through Asset Finance 150 150 Lorna Slee

Growing your Business Operations Through Asset Finance

In an ideal world, opportunities to expand your operations would present themselves when you had sufficient cash flow to procure assets that are needed to accommodate this growth. However, the tough reality of running a business is that this will seldom happen. Growth opportunities will come through at any point in time and you sometimes…

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What are Commercial Mortgages? 150 150 Lorna Slee

What are Commercial Mortgages?

A Commercial Mortgage is similar to a mortgage used for a residential home, except that the collateral is a business property (eg: a shop, an office, an industrial unit, land, etc). Commercial Mortgages are usually in the name of the business rather than an individual. This means that the borrower may be a limited company,…

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