Commercial Investment Mortgages

Investment mortgages are for the purchase of a commercial or semi-commercial property for letting on commercial terms. Investment mortgages can include properties such as shops, offices or a buy-to-let property portfolio. Unlike standard mortgages for residential properties, where the loan is dependent on the personal earning capacity of the borrower, a commercial investment mortgage lender is interested in the income that the property will generate in order to repay the loan.

Commercial investment mortgage lenders consider the market potential of the property i.e. the type and location of the property, the lease terms and the quality of the tenant or the rental demand for the property in order to prove that the investment is going to produce a suitable income in order to repay the mortgage.

This means that there is no limit to the number of investment mortgages that one individual can hold, provided each investment property offers a suitable return, the lender is likely to put up the necessary cash regardless of the number of investment mortgages the borrower may have.

If you’re buying a commercial property or a residential property portfolio to rent out as an investment, NGI Finance can find you the most attractive terms to help you maximise your return. We act swiftly to get the best mortgage deal for you so that you can put your offer in on the property, meeting any auction or purchase deadlines.

We offer investment mortgage loans on commercial properties and buy-to-let residential portfolios, including:

  • Offices
  • Dental Surgeries
  • Retail with and without living accommodation
  • Industrial units, factories and warehouses
  • Residential houses in multiple occupation

NGI Finance has experience across a wide range of industries in matching the right commercial investment mortgage deal for our clients, whatever their size or their financial circumstances.

With access to an extensive range of lenders who provide commercial mortgages including traditional high street banks and specialist lenders, we can help take the stress out of finding a investment mortgage by providing you with a friendly, efficient service and the best deal.

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