Agricultural Equipment Finance

We all know the cost of running a business can be substantial, especially if you need to continually invest in machinery, and plant equipment. Here at NGI Finance we have a comprehensive range of finance solutions available for manufacturing companies.

Agricultural Finance

We understand that in increasingly tough economic conditions, the best quality agricultural equipment and farm machinery can make a big difference to your productivity, and ultimately, your bottom line profit. At NGI Finance, we offer a variety of asset finance solutions for your rural business.

Different agricultural businesses have different needs, so we tailor our finance solutions to meet your requirements. Payment cycles vary in different farming arenas, so our flexible solutions allow us to match your cash flow to achieve the most efficient results. Farmers currently have more capital tied up in their production than ever, so our asset finance can alleviate some of the pressure and allows more simple and reliable budget planning.

The benefits of financing agricultural equipment:

The benefits of financing agricultural equipment and farm machinery are numerous. Being involved with NGI Finance means that you can get your hands on the very best equipment, whilst maintaining a payment plan that your business can afford. Here at NGI Finance, we offer excellent Hire Purchase and Finance Lease solutions with highly competitive rates to help you fund the continued progression or expansion of your agricultural business.

Asset Finance via Hire Purchase

Our Hire Purchase solution offers a simple way to spread your costs when purchasing agricultural equipment. With this plan, you pay a fixed rate of interest and benefit from agreed monthly payments.

The benefits of a hire purchase solution with NGI Finance are:
  • Low Deposit – not a drain on working capital
  • Fixed Monthly Payment – Which makes budgeting easy.
  • Flexibility – This won’t compromise your other lines of credit.
  • Assets – You gain ownership of the equipment.
  • Tax – Tax allowances available to business users.
  • VAT Exempt – No VAT on payments.

Funding Assets via Finance Lease

Acquiring new agricultural equipment or machinery can make a huge difference to your farming business, so making this process manageable and affordable is one thing NGI Finance specialise in. With Finance Lease the equipment or machinery is hired to you by the finance company and remains the property of the finance company at all times. Monthly payments and interest rates are fixed for the duration of the contract. VAT is payable on the monthly rentals rather than in full at the outset of the contract.

Finance Leasing can be the preferred option for Partnerships, Limited Companies & Sole Traders due to the significant tax advantages.

The benefits of a finance lease with NGI Finance are:
  • Fixed Payments – Throughout the agreement.
  • Low Deposit – A cheaper way to acquire the equipment you need.
  • 100% Tax Deductible – Get back 18-40% of your total payments (inc. deposit).
  • Flexible – A repayment structure tailored to your cash flow.
  • Fixed or Variable Interest – Whatever suits you better.
  • Tax benefits – VAT payable on rentals, not the purchase price.
  • No Penalty Charges – No worries about additional hours or damage at the end of the agreement
  • Although the customer does not own the vehicle /equipment they can receive up to 98% of Sale Proceeds.

If you have any questions or if you require a quote, contact us now or call 01993 706403.

NGI Finance offer agricultural finance for these assets:

Quad Bikes
Horse Boxes
Combine Harvesters
Fertiliser Tanks
Milking Parlours
Crop Sprayers
The NGI Finance way

Funding assets such as farming equipment and agricultural machinery is one of our most important services, and we pride ourselves on having built our reputation in securing the best asset financing solutions available. We endeavour to support your rural business through every stage of the process to ensure that we achieve a successful outcome together.

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